Food industry


The retort (autoclave) technology comes from the first food canning techniques, it evolved as well on the products as on the packaging. For nearly 50 years, Lagarde Autoclaves got involved in this evolution and apply to many applications.

From rigid containers to flexible ones, Lagarde Autoclaves has qualified over the years as a specialist in retorted packaging treatment thanks to the accuracy of its technologies and the variety of its processes.

Based on our experience in packaging treatment, we constantly drive the market forward by adapting to new technologies and the evolving work habits of our customers. Our product range is a perfect fit for the food industry, whether in terms of sanitary aspects, batch traceability, energy savings… Lagarde Autoclaves enhances your production with rich innovations, for a minor investment consideration !

Today, Lagarde Autoclaves is the definitive premium retorts (autoclaves) choice, with over 4,500 units installed and working in every part of the five continents. In each continent and several countries, there more than 20 laboratories facilities available equipped with pilot retort (autoclave) units for product testing and development.

Adaptable to all of your packaging

  • Pouches PP / PE / PVC,
  • Metal cans,
  • Glass jars,
  • Plastic bottles,
  • And more…

and all of your products

  • Meats,
  • Fish and seafood,
  • Fruits and vegetables,
  • Ready meals,
  • Pet food,
  • Baby food,
  • Milk and dairy products,
  • And more…

We certify:

– Precision and homogeneity of temperature distribution achieved by the Lagarde® venting system and the cylindrical shape of the retort (autoclave),
– Accuracy in the control of counter-pressure,
– No thermal shock between sterilization and cooling steps thanks to the soft Lagarde® cooling system,
– No water in direct contact with your packaging during the thermal treatment with our optional Radiaplaques® patented cooling technique,
– Packaging integrity is respected, even for the most fragile,
– No Maillard effect thanks to our Rocking System® option.



Lagarde Autoclaves can test your new and ready retort (autoclave) in accordance with the most demanding standards, derived from years of experience within the food industries. The test results are then documented on the FAT Plan and Report. Each machine produced in our factory complies with the international certifications and Good Manufacturing Practices.