Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Our first retort for the Pharmaceutical industry has been created in 1978.

pharmaceutical industry

Following a long experience in the medicinal field, Lagarde Autoclaves comes up with many solutions on a wide range of products requiring sterilization or pasteurization with:

Steam and Air
Saturated steam
Steam vacuum
Dry steam sterilization
Dry heat sterilization

Adaptable to all packaging
  • Solutions IV,
  • Pouches PP / PE / PVC,
  • Glass and plastic bottles,
  • Glass / PP / PE ampoules and phials,
  • Others…
And all products
  • IV solute injections,
  • Blood derivative in plastic pouches / blood bags,
  • Others…
We certify
  • Precision and homogeneity of temperature distribution obtained through the Lagarde® venting system and the cylindrical shape of the retort (autoclave),
  • Accuracy in counter-pressure control,
  • Packaging integrity is respected, even for the most fragile.

From many years’ experience on food industries, each retort produced in our factory complies with the international certifications and Good Manufacturing Practices.