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Safety, reliability, sustainability, and productivity are and have always been Lagarde’s DNA.

Furthermore, our experts teams are by your side throughout your project, from choosing the right solution all the way to providi,g remarkable services and top of the line assistance.

Produce with humility
with a better ecological footprint

ecological footprint

Lagarde Autoclaves was founded in 1921 in Montélimar (France), and was active in the production of industrial equipment’s over our region and then all over the world.

We develop reliable, safe and durable products in a wide field of well-known applications from decade years of experience. Lagarde Autoclaves offer you a virtually unlimited range of tailor-made products with various outstanding services, to successfully carry-out your projects and requests.

Thanks to its constant and pioneering innovations, Lagarde Autoclaves became a major international leader in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In 1983, Lagarde Autoclaves joined the Scholz Group, (95 millions de turnover, 425 people) a retorts manufacturer for heavy industries; becoming the largest worldwide retort manufacturing group with 500 000 doors and retorts sold.

Beyond the quality of our equipment and responsive support, Lagarde Autoclaves has been committed to sustainable development for a century, thanks to the Steam and Air technology, the most efficient process in terms of energy consumption.


Lagarde Autoclaves is the first retort manufacturer to offer relevant solutions for your company’s interests, alongside for the planet and future generations. Our company is committed to a responsible approach including all of its partners and customers, with 45 commercial agencies all over the world.

More than ever, we are perfectly involved in the worldwide 21st century challenge: Sustainable Development.
Aware of the growing concerns around energy consumptions, Lagarde Autoclaves developed a very efficient technology: the retort (autoclave) equipped with Steam and Air process.

This thermal treatment is not only very singular in its waybut also reduces energy costs significantly, while treating products and packaging safely.

If energy savings are a major sustainable development subject, Lagarde Autoclaves intends to be at the forefront of this crucial issue. That’s why Lagarde Autoclaves is the first retort manufacturer to be absolutely committed to Sustainable Development and has set ambitious objectives for the best interest of your company, the planet and future generations.

Lagarde Autoclaves has also been deeply involved in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach for decades, which you can support by choosing our machines.

In 1972, a United Nations meeting which took place in Stockholm, talked about eco-development, which is an interaction between Ecology & Economy. The same year, Lagarde Autoclaves registered its STEAM and AIR patent: 30% to 50% of Energy savings. Today, Sustainable Development is a well-known idea. 40 Years earlier, our company anticipated the challenges of energy savings.

As a real precursor, our company has been constantly progressing in the social & environmental areas.

This means direct production costs reductions alongside lowered environmental footprint, for the benefit of all.

Dear Customers, come and join us to appreciate our Know-how and our capacity to manage your company stakes.

steam and air retorts


writen by an Economical Sciences Doctor

He was right because after having convinced for 45 YEARS many customers of the interest of our Steam and Air technology, our competitors are now accepting the merits of our technical leadership surging into the “water of bath ” or rather “into the steam”.

At the end of the day, they shyly recognize that we are right and we would like to accept them in a fair and obvious manner.

From our side, we still continue to push ahead. We leave it with you to discover our numerous innovations and proposals which will certainly result emulators before 45 years, leading to many challenges in the next coming years …

D. RANCHON and the Sales team

By innovation, respecting our planet and our world, we think that we can improve our production with a better ecological footprint.