LAGARDE AUTOCLAVES, International leader of retorts

Today, we are the world-leading premium retort (autoclave) manufacturer, proven by decades of thermal treatment innovation, research, improvements and customer experience enhancements. Safety, reliability, sustainability, and productivity are, and have always been Lagarde’s DNA.

Furthermore, our expert teams are by your side throughout your project, from choosing the right solution all the way to providing remarkable service and top of the line assistance. 



Innovation - Lagarde retorts

Always leading the industry forward, Lagarde Autoclaves focuses on customer satisfaction and benefits. The Company has manufactured all retort technologies and processes to become the main specialist of thermal treatment in batch retorts (autoclaves). YPIO, our knowledge and research division, always brings you more productive innovations.



Sustainability - Lagarde retorts

More than ever, we are perfectly involved in the worldwide 21st century challenge: Sustainable Development. Aware of the growing concerns around energy consumptions, Lagarde Autoclaves developed an extremely efficient technology: the retort (autoclave) equipped with Steam & Air process.


« The leadership means to be ahead and to push ahead »

did write a Doctor in Economical Sciences.

 He was right because after having convinced for 45 YEARS many customers of the interest of our Steam & Air technology, our competitors are now accepting the merits of our technical leadership surging into the “water of bath ” or rather “into the steam”. At the end of the day, they shyly recognize that we are right and we would like to accept them in a fair and obvious manner. From our side, we still continue to push ahead. We leave it with you to discover our numerous innovations and proposals which will certainly result emulators before 45 years, leading to many challenges in the next coming years …  

D RANCHON and the Sales team

By Innovation, Respecting the Earth, And around us,
We believe we can product more.


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