lagarde autoclaves

For a century, with requirement and temperance,
our German group is the worldwide leader in autoclaves.

The only group devoted to your pressure vessel.

But as the one who reached his goal missed everything else,
with humility and responsibility,
let's go together on the way of your success.

100years experience

45commercial partner all over the world


500 Kquick closing doors and autoclaves

« The humble man does not believe himself - or does not mean himself - inferior to others: he has ceased to believe himself - or to want himself - superior »

André Comte-Sponvile

Their news
Vegetables under vacuum sterilised by autoclave: the guarantee of safety whatever the packaging used.

Handling accessories: an advantage for your productivity and essential for safety

Lagarde’s Steam and Air autoclave: the economical and reliable solution for glass jars thermal treatment

Lagarde Allpack 2022
Lagarde Autoclaves will be at the ALLPACK Jakarta 2022