Lagarde Autoclaves is the world leader of thermal treatment in retorts (autoclaves). 

Always leading the industry forward, Lagarde Autoclaves focuses on customer satisfaction and benefits. The Company has manufactured all retort technologies and processes to become the main specialist of thermal treatment in batch retorts (autoclaves). YPIO, our knowledge and research division, always brings you more productive innovations.

Innovation - Lagarde retorts

Before 2000, Lagarde Autoclaves also successfully achieved many breathtaking innovations such as the first textile fiber treatment retort (autoclave) back in 1953, Thread Vaporization (1953), first 12 baskets horizontal steam retort for tuna industrythe LAGARDE Steam & Air process (1972), the first rotary retort (autoclave) (1975), world first vertical sliding door, called “Lagarde door” (1986), a continuous cooker (1990), and many others.

Lagarde Autoclaves is known all around the planet for its ability to design taylor-made equipment to match any customer requirements. Innovation, flexibility and reactivity have always benefited our customers with unique and very famous know-how.