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On top of offering a range of high quality and very reliable machines, Lagarde Autoclaves also offers a complete choice of services and support to make your projects a reality: Lagarde After, from the YPIO division. Our experts will help improve the profitability of your production units, while respecting the environment and reducing energy costs.

International & French TEST Laboratories
Lagarde Autoclaves has several test laboratories in France and around the world. Those are fully equipped to reproduce an exact industrial production situation.
You will receive assistance by our counter pressure experts and food technology specialists, and will be able to:
– Test and compare process and applications (static, rotary, Rocking System),
– Try our control systems,
– Setup sterilization programs (the test retorts are equipped with F0 calculation instruments),
– Test your packaging with our process,
– Evaluate the finished product’s food qualities.
Appreciated by our partners, pilot units are also used for the developments of industrial equipment such as fill & seal companies and packaging companies.

If you have a requirement in the field of measurements :
– You want to control the temperature homogeneity during the completion of your heat treatment,
– You want to establish a distribution study (called MAPPING).
Lagarde After has all required equipment to carry out this type of assistance. We have invested in special measurement equipment (including data loggers) and data analysis software, to rightfully conduct your tests under optimum conditions, in accordance with your requirements and ending with an in-depth and detailed report.

Should you need to work on your heat treatments recipes:
– You recently became the proud owner of a Lagarde retort (autoclave),
– You want to compare different treatment methods and optimize your cycles,
– You are developing a new product range,
– You are changing packaging,
– You want to measure your pasteurization / sterilization values.
Or for any other reason …

EnergY CONSUMPTIONS assessment
Today, energy consumptions have become challenge for our homes, building industry and at the industrial level. Energy requirements assessments are unavoidable nowadays. For optimum efficiency, they should be done early on in the project stages.

Why should you need an energy assessment ?
– To define needs in fluids and electricity,
– To define suitable technical solutions (space optimization, technical aspects, expert advice…).

The final objective is to optimize and reduce the energy consumptions of your overall installation, especially on water, the major sustainable challenge of the 21st century.

Your entire staff could benefit from adapted trainings in a wide variety of fields:
– Operational use of retorts (autoclaves) for beginners, experienced or specific levels,
– Maintenance: learn how to keep your retorts (autoclaves)  in excellent production conditions,
– Development of heat treatment schedules,
– Pasteurization / sterilization processes,
Or any other on-demand request on retorts (autoclaves) usage and related processes !

Our services can take place either on your premises or in our test laboratories, which have been designed to welcome trainees and allow them to combine theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience. You will be assisted and guided throughout your training by our experts in thermal processes. We will also help you transfer trials results to your industrial production site. None of the development stages will have stopped your industrial equipment, allowing you to save time, increase flexibility and keep on producing while being trained.

Otherwise, we can conduct all tests ourselves, in our laboratory and according to your recommendations. You just need to send us your product samples and we will give you a full report at the end of the test. All information exchanged is naturally treated as strictly confidential.

Enquire today about our Lagarde After services: +33 (0)475 905 858 or +33 (0)

YPIO – Lagarde After